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Uptane has been adopted by several major automakers, which will lead to its implementation in millions of vehicles. While the automotive industry is legendarily secretive, we can acknowledge a few parties.

First, Uptane is incorporated in Automotive Grade Linux, which is supported by major OEMs and suppliers. Uptane's presence in AGL is via aktualizr, which is also integrated into the OTA Community Edition and GENIVI.

Interested parties that wish to purchase Uptane compatible components can speak with a number of suppliers, including:

  • Advanced Telematic Systems (ATS), now part of HERE Technologies, integrated Uptane into its OTA solution, HERE OTA Connect (formerly known as ATS Garage), which includes aktualizr. ATS/HERE was the first European third-party supplier to publicly adopt the Uptane framework.

  • Airbiquity incorporated Uptane into its OTAmatic over-the-air software and data management solution. The product was honored in 2017 with a Business Intelligence Group Award in the New Product of the Year Award category.

  • uses an Uptane-compatible client in their software update system, although their build variant of Aktualizr removes Uptane checks, targeting users who wish to have the security aspects of TUF but do not want the complexity of Uptane.

  • Torizon is an Uptane-as-a-service implementation targeted at industrial Linux and IoT applications, and was the first implementation supporting PURE-2 offline updates.